Sharif Islam

Postdoctoral Associate
  • Space Enabled

Sharif Islam is a postdoctoral research associate within the Space Enabled research group at MIT Media Lab. His research interests encompass various aspects of environmental change and associated vulnerabilities, including coastal environmental changes, adaptation and displacement, environmental pollution and public health, greenhouse gas emission estimation, drought impacts, and the disproportionate effects of natural hazards and disasters. His work involves the application of remote sensing and geospatial modeling, social science, and statistical tools and techniques to analyze satellite and geospatial data, facilitating a deeper understanding of environmental changes and their consequences. Prior to joining MIT, Sharif completed his PhD in Geospatial and Environmental Science at Virginia Tech, where his research focused on coastal erosion hazard and associated vulnerabilities in Bangladesh. Sharif holds two master's degrees, one in geography and another in applied Statistics, in addition to a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and resource management. Sharif is passionately dedicated to research focused on climate and environmental justice. His ongoing research efforts are currently investigating a range of environmental issues in various regions, including South Asia, Angola in Africa, Brazil in South America, and the United States.