David Colby Reed speaks at Space Settlement Summit 2019


National Space Society

National Space Society

David Colby Reed gave a lunchtime keynote presentation on the ethical dimensions of space technology development and joined a panel discussion on the issues critical to supporting life in space settlements at the recent Space Settlement Summit at CalTech. 

The Space Settlement Summit, sponsored by National Space Society, brings together the leading people, companies, and organizations that are making space settlement a reality. Participation in this event is by invitation only and is limited to a very select group of people who will set the cultural message of near term space settlement and those who will build and finance it. 

The objective of the event is to show the synergistic, in-space ecosystem that is emerging; to facilitate a convergence of interests and opportunities among the key players; and to identify critical issues along the path to space settlement. 

This summit brings together not only the companies and organizations that are charting this new frontier, but also the visionaries who are constantly innovating new ways for space settlement to flourish in the immediate future. We are at the dawn of a new era for humanity where our breakthroughs in space settlement make our dreams of life beyond Earth a reality. The National Space Society is continuing its role as the leading voice for space settlement allowing us to move closer to building thriving communities beyond Earth.

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