David Colby Reed Speaks at Maker Faire Girona Panel on "Technologies for a Better Future on Earth"


Sourced from Britannica, Copyright KavalenkavaVolha/Fotolia

Sourced from Britannica, Copyright KavalenkavaVolha/Fotolia

December 4, 2020
1:20pm ET

David Colby Reed will present on "Hidden Features: Designing for Democratic Equality in Future Space Societies" at the 2020 Maker Faire Girona as part of a panel on "Technologies for a Better Future on Earth."  The fully virtual Maker Faire, an initiative of Soko Tech and the Polytechnic University of Girona, is directed towards the Catalan city of Girona with the Polytechnic University of Girona & the Catalan Government.

The Maker Faire is an annual event of invention and digital creativity applied to addressing and solving the great challenges of a progressively complex society. It brings together hundreds of engineers, artists, designers, hackers, craftsmen, programmers, scientists, or simply curious  people of any age, training or background, who have the desire to create and enjoy the excitement of "doing." Enthusiastic local and international makers share their knowledge, creativity, and brightest projects through exhibitions, creative technology workshops, conversations and interactive demonstrations, aimed at all ages.

The first Maker Faire was born in 2006 in San Francisco. Today, the hundreds of fairs organized around the world, with more than 2,000,000 participants, the global network with thousands of Makers Spaces, Fablabs, FabSchools, and a huge number of Maker initiatives around the world, speak to their impact and scope.

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