Delivering on Generative AI’s Promise


Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

January 26, 2023
4:00pm — 7:00pm ET

Pattie Maes, head of the Media Lab's Fluid Interfaces research group, and Joe Penna, Head of Entertainment Partnerships & Technology for Stability AI, will be the featured speakers at this event, hosted by Samsung NEXT at The Engine.  


Arrival, Networking, & Light Refreshments

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Speaker: Reed Sturtevant, General Partner at The Engine

How Generative AI Is Changing Media… And Where It Will Take Us Next
Generative AI is upending how we create and digest news and information. But do the opportunities match the potential costs? Hear from Joe Penna and Professor Pattie Maes in conversation about the near- and long-term gains and challenges in creating the foundation to activate humanity’s potential through AI.
 Patti Maes, Professor of Media Technology, MIT Media Lab
Joe Penna, Head of Entertainment Partnerships & Technology, Stability AI
Moderator: Raymond Liao, Managing Director, Samsung Next

The Hardtech Challenge: How Do We Train and Customize AI Solutions to Exceed the Demands of Heavy Applications?
Mainstream generative AI is reaching the consumer masses through applications in text, images, videos, software code, music, voice, 3D models and more. But its potential to change the trajectory of hardtech is where it's true promise lies. Hear from industry leaders in discussion about generative AI’s potential in building smarter AI solutions for the future of robotics, autonomous driving, and quantum computing.
Nima Asgharbeygi, Co-founder and CTO at IntegralAI
Yibiao Zhao, Co-founder and CEO at iSee
Jeremy Dohmann, Research Scientist at MosaicML
Moderator: Arun Chandrasekaran, Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner

Closing Remarks and Networking Reception

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