Design & Exclusion

April 21, 2017
11:00am — 4:00pm ET

Creating inhospitable, uncomfortable, and non-inclusive products and services is counter to the goals of design. Yet it happens all the time. Today, exclusive design occurs at an unprecedented 24/7, by-the-millisecond, global scale, due to the proliferation and ubiquity of digital products and services.

EXCLUSION can be consciously motivated by hatred while it  can also be unconsciously motivated by ignorance. The former can't be easily resolved by design, but the latter can be addressed by the designers who are shaping the products and services that they create.

We're gathering design and technology experts across industry, startups, non-profits, and research labs to convene online on April 21 to share what we know about how the design of technology platforms can exclude. By doing so, we might be able to think differently — and together — about how to imagine a way towards more inclusive design.

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