Media Lab Perspectives: You are RIGHT! Right? with Juan Enriquez


MIT Media Lab

Juan Enriquez

April 15, 2021
12:00pm — 1:00pm ET

You are RIGHT! Right? | How Technology  Transforms Our Ethics

We hope you'll join us for this segment of the Media Lab Perspectives Series, where Professor Pattie Maes will welcome Juan Enriquez, a leading authority on the economic impact of life sciences and brain research on business and society, and discuss his new book, Right/Wrong: How Technology Transforms Our Ethics.

In an era of great polarization and fury one needs to consider three certainties: 1) What we consider ethical changes over time. 2) Technology profoundly alters what we consider right/wrong. 3) Tech is moving at exponential rates. As you invent/ create new things you alter ethics. And, because technology often allows us to act more ethically over time, we often look back in horror at what was SOP. So, as we judge each other, we need to bring back two words rarely used in today's discourse: humility and forgiveness.


Juan Enriquez is a leading authority on the economic impact of life sciences and brain research on business and society as well as a respected business leader and entrepreneur.  Author and co-author of multiple bestsellers including As the Future Catches YouHow Genomics Will Change Your Life, Work, Health, and Wealth (Random House,1999), The Untied States of America: Polarization, Fracturing and Our Future (Random House, 2005), Evolving Ourselves: Redesigning Humanity One Gene at a Time (Penguin, 2015), and RIGHT/WRONG: How Technology Transforms Our Ethics (MIT, 2020).  As a business leader, advisor, and renowned speaker, Juan works directly with the CEOs of a number of Fortune 50 companies, as well as various heads of state, on how to adapt to a world where the dominant language is shifting from the digital towards the language of life. He is a TED All-Star with ten TED talks on a variety of subjects, as well as dozens of TEDx talks. He was the founding Director of the Harvard Business School's Life Sciences Project and is a research affiliate at MIT’s synthetic neurobiology lab. After HBS, Juan became an active angel investor, founding Biotechonomy Ventures. He then co-founded Excel Venture Management. Mr. Enriquez serves on multiple for-profit boards as well as a variety of non-profits including The National Academy of Sciences, The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, WGBH, The Boston Science Museum, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard’s David Rockefeller Center. He sailed around the world on an expedition that increased the number of know genes a hundredfold and was part of the peace commission that negotiated the cease fire with the Zapatistas. He graduated from Harvard with a B.A. and an M.B.A., both with honors.


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