Fall 2020 OOLE INT01

October 27, 2020

Disclaimer for playback viewers

As part of the MIT Media Lab’s ongoing research on remote collaboration, we will extract the attendance logs (for participation rates), hourly trends, and data pertaining to text-based feedback. Before this information is analyzed, it will be encoded in a manner that ensures the participants’ anonymity. Data collection began in October under our Pilot Program and is expected to continue until the end of December.
The data extracted from this study will only include the aggregated data of groups of individuals who have participated in the session under the same conditions, and it will not connect specific individuals with particular interactions. The data will be analyzed after all data uniquely identifying individuals has been encoded to prevent such identification. The final results of the analysis will be published in an academic journal, and will be used for the planning and implementation of future remote events by the MIT Media Lab, with the goal of producing more interactive sessions that allow for an even higher engagement level.

We seek your understanding that, by viewing the video below, you shall be deemed to have consented to the use of the data collected for our research purposes. We greatly appreciate your kind assistance with this project.

Top: English (original)
Bottom: Japanese voice-over

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