Health Data Privacy and Data Protection as an Enabler of Innovation


March 11, 2021
12:30pm — 2:00pm ET

The Institute for Technology and Global Health at PathCheck Foundation, in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab's Trusted Pandemic Technologies, will host:

“Health Data Privacy and Data Protection as an Enabler of Innovation.”

This event is Part 1 of the Institute’s “Healthcare: The Digital Revolution for More Resilient Societies” series.

Sharing perspectives: How can the Humanitarian, Public, and Private sectors co-create transparent and inclusive digital health solutions?

ITGH Introduction: Khahlil Louisy, President of the Institute

Panel moderators:

Maurizio Arseni, Editor & Knowledge Management at the Institute 

Renaud Falgas, Director of Alliances & Development at the Institute

What: Data privacy and data protection principles should serve as the foundational bedrock for the future of innovative, digital health solutions. The development of these solutions could be engineered from systematic and coordinated efforts among different stakeholders. The goal of this event is to provide leaders in the field with insights from data privacy and data protection experts operating in relevant fields. 

Why: Governments, NGOs, and private entities are playing distinct roles in the digitization of the health-care sector. There is a critical need for coordinating efforts among these actors and fostering inclusive, systemic innovation in this space. Privacy by Design in digital health transformation and execution should be adopted as a guiding principle.  

How: Invest in digital health innovation with a focus on three elements: human-centered design; integrating privacy by design principles and exploring the question, are decentralized solutions in digital health the best strategy?; sharing best practices coming from different sectors to develop inclusive and transparent digital health solutions.


Mary Nunn, Doctors without Borders, International Privacy Coordinator, presents the main challenges and solutions with data protection & privacy in the humanitarian sector.

Shikha Jain, Assistant professor of Medicine and the Director of Communication Strategies in Medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, illustrates the challenges and opportunities with health data privacy in the US healthcare system.

Riddhiman Das,  Co-Founder & CEO of TripleBlind, illustrates challenges in the private/public sector.

Ramesh Raskar, Assoc. Prof at MIT Media Lab, presents a decentralized vaccine coordination system using a privacy-preserving user-centric experience.    

James Smalls, Ideo - Interaction design, illustrates some design thinking methodologies to foster collaboration among different stakeholders.

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