Humans, Robots, Space & The Future of Connectedness

Wednesday — Thursday
September 1, 2021 —
September 2, 2021

Humans, Robots, Space, and the Future of Connectedness, hosted at the California Institute of Technology

What is the future of the human connection to each other, to machinery, to the universe? Psychologists use the level of one's “connectedness” as a shorthand measure of mental health. The pandemic has shown us that personal connectedness can decrease in some areas and expand in others. Human and robotic space exploration presents us with a potential future where people, places, and things connect in newly imagined ways.

  • How can we enable relationships across billions of miles?
  • How can we enable companionship during isolation?
  • How can we enable scientists to more deeply connect with their research?
  • How can we allow the public to connect with NASA discoveries?
  • How can we make science richer?

This project brings artists and scientists together to explore the sensory interpretation of NASA science data. This project aims to provide greater access to planets, moons, and stars by providing greater (sensory and experiential) access to the data. Imagine if we could make the data felt, or heard. What if we could feel a Marsquake? Or feel the ocean temperatures on TRAPPIST-1d?


Refik Anodol - Art, Data, Machine Learning

Saskia Wilson Brown - Olfaction 

Danielle Krettek Cobb - Empathy

Amy Crawford - Music and Emotion

Josh Goldblum - Experience Design, Storytelling

Bjarke Ingels - Architect, BIG 

Glenn Kaino - Artist and Magician 

Prathima Muniyappa - Indiginous Perspectives

Shane Myrbeck - Sound and Meaning

Seth Shostak - Senior Astronomer SETI 

Nathan Smith - Trust & Security

Marco Tempest - Technology & Magic

NIck Tidball - Robotic Companions for Explorers

Anjali Tripathi - Science and Policy

Liam Young - Speculative Architecture, Storytelling

Victoria Vesna - Data and Art

Reggie Watts - Comedian, Musician

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