Indovation: Nashik2015 Tech for Kumbh Mela

Friday — Monday
January 24, 2014 —
January 27, 2014


Sandip Foundation, Village Mahiravani, Trimbak Road, Nashik


KumbhThon is a technical hackathon for Kumbh 2015. It is a 72-hour ideating and prototyping extravaganza. The first day covers tech talks by renowned industrialists and technological evangelists. This is followed by a 72-hour hack event, interspersed with videoconferencing sessions by global icons. KumbhThon is an event promoting ideas and creativity, with the participants exposed to fever-pitched (albeit healthy) competition. It’s a great platform to make your stagnant ideas take shape. So what’re you waiting for? Don’t slack, come and hack!
Our goal is to create new 'Social Entrepreneurs' and to explore this place using an open innovation platform. Many projects will be explored well beyond the workshop, with serious mentoring, funding and working space. With seed funding, we hope to convert the ideas and prototypes, into working solutions. They will be put through rigorous design and evaluation, followed by clinical testing.

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