Iyad Rahwan @ ATLAS Institute, UC Boulder

May 24, 2016


ATLAS Institute, UC Boulder, Boulder, CO


How is social media changing the way social networks solve complex tasks? And what are the physical and cognitive limits of these networks? This talk from Iyad Rahwan follows a number of real-world experiments utilizing social media to mobilize the many. From finding balloons spread across a continent to reconstructing shredded documents, the power of crowdsourcing is real, but so are exploitation and hidden biases. Come hear about the power and responsibility that comes from our massive human network.


Iyad Rahwan is an associate professor of Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Lab, where he heads the Scalable Cooperation group. His research explores mechanisms and technologies that promote collective intelligence and large-scale cooperation. Rahwan’s work appeared in major academic journals, including Science and PNAS. He holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

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