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Kristina Goransson

 Kristina Goransson

Thursday — Thursday
February 2, 2023 —
March 30, 2023

Labor of Life: Textiles + Fiber

February 2 - March 30, 2023
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 9, 6-7:30pm

Historically, textiles have been a part of what moves cultures forward: Innovations like spinning fibers together to create thread have been instrumental in survival from the beginning of human existence. Cultures around the world have used textiles as currency, to show wealth and power, and as an everyday tool. In today’s world, we may take for granted the impact textiles have had on every aspect of our lives but there is a resurgence of textile art that is honoring this history. 

Arlington Center for the Arts is pleased to present Labor of Life: Textiles + Fiber, curated by fiber artist and educator, Kristina Goransson. Irmandy Wicaksono's projects, KnittedKeyboard and Tapis Magique, will be showcased in this exhibition. 

The artwork in Labor of Life: Textiles + Fiber represents the diverse techniques that encompass the world of textiles. From intricate tapestry weaving to paper sculpture, the exhibit hopes to engage the viewer in possibilities. Artists are using traditional techniques to speak of contemporary subject matters while others are using new innovations within textiles, pushing the medium forward. Textiles will always be part of human evolution as it is elemental to our survival; they are used as aesthetic tools to express our ideas and identities as well as improve life with innovative new technologies. The art in Labor of Life: Textiles + Fiber is a slice of what is possible.

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