Leading Conversations in AI: Extended intelligence & humans with machines


Deloitte AI Institute

Deloitte AI Institute

October 8, 2021
12:00pm — 1:00pm ET

What is extended intelligence (EI)? And how is it different from Artificial Intelligence (AI)? What role do we see EI play in the future of this society? AI transforming the world, but how do we make sure AI is augmenting human intelligence and not replacing it? This session will explore the topic of extended intelligence, the potential of designing tools for cognitive augmentation, and the importance of challenging the "human vs. machine” mentality.

Moderator Patricia Henderson, Deloitte Consulting’s intelligent automation practice leader for industrial products and construction, will be joined by panelists Cynthia Breazeal, Professor of Media Arts and Sciences and Associate Director; Pattie Maes, Professor of Media Technology and Chair of the Executive Committee; and Kate Darling, Communications and Research Specialist, all of MIT Media Lab. 

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