MAS.809, Decoders 1.1— Short Movie Screening


Courtesy of David Sadat

David Sadat

In Decoders 1.1, we learn cleanroom processes and microfabrication techniques through lectures in class and then in our very own cleanroom, the YellowBox.  Students gain hands-on experience with all six components of the microfabrication techniques including: cleaning, deposition, patterning, etching, transfer printing, and testing. The main project is to create a video of a microfabrication process taught in the YellowBox and posted on the course website and YouTube channel. 

We will have our short movie screening and award ceremony on December 13th at Bartos Theater (E15-070) from 3-5pm. Preview here:


Popcorn and soda will be served!

Here is the YouTube playlist, for all of the short movies: PLAYLIST

Here is our course website for more information:


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