Media Lab @ CHI 2015

Saturday — Thursday
April 18, 2015 —
April 23, 2015


Seoul, Korea


The theme for CHI 2015 is "Crossings": crossing borders, crossing boundaries, crossing disciplines, crossing people and technology, crossing past and future, crossing physical and digital, crossing art and science.
Case Studies
TRANSFORM: Embodiment of “Radical Atoms” at Milano Design Week | Hiroshi Ishii, Daniel Leithinger, Sean Follmer, Amit Zoran, Philipp Schoessler, and Jared Counts
Vision-Driven: Beyond Tangible Bits, Towards Radical Atoms | Hiroshi Ishii, Daniel Leithinger, Sean Follmer, Lining Yao, and Jifei Ou

The EmotiveModeler: An Emotive Form Design CAD Tool | Philippa Mothersill
Remnance of Form: Interactive Narratives through Unexpected Behaviors of a Shadow | Sang-won Leigh, Asta Roseway, Ann Paradiso, and Pattie Maes

bioLogic: Natto Cells as Nanoactuators for Shape Changing Interfaces | Lining Yao, Jifei Ou, Chin-Yi Cheng, Helene Steiner, Wen Wang, Guanyun Wang, and Hiroshi Ishii
FingerReader: A Wearable Device to Explore Text Reading on the Go | Roy Shilkrot, Jochen Huber, Meng Ee Wong, Pattie Maes, and Suranga Chandima Nanayakkara
GlassEar: Head-Mounted Sound Visualizations for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing | Dhruv Jain
Hybrid Practice in the Kalahari: Design Collaboration through Digital Tools and Hunter-Gatherer Craft | Jennifer Jacobs
NailO: Fingernails as an Input Surface | Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao and Artem Dementyev
SpecTrans: Versatile Material Classification for Interaction with Textureless, Specular and Transparent Surfaces | Munehiko Sato

Works in Progress
AfterMath: Visualizing Consequences of Actions through Augmented Reality | Sang-won Leigh and Pattie Maes
Cutting Edge Vision: Metal Embedded Optics for Smart Knives | Amit Zoran, Nan-Wei Gong, Roy Shilkrot, Shuo Yan, and Pattie Maes
Enabling Human Micro-Presence through Small-Screen Head-up Display Devices | Scott Greenwald, Mina Khan, and Pattie Maes
Exploring the Design of a Wearable Device to Turn Everyday Objects into Playful Experiences | Judith Amores, Xavier Benavides, Roger Boldu, and Pattie Maes
Linked-Stick: Conveying a Physical Experience using a Shape-Shifting Stick | Ken Nakagaki, Chikara Inamura, Pasquale Totaro, Thariq Shihipar, Chantine Akikyama, Yin Shuang, and Hiroshi Ishii
Passing On: Reader-Sourcing Gender Diversity in Wikipedia | J. Nathan Matias
ShowMe: A Remote Collaboration System that Supports Immersive Gestural Communication | Judith Amores, Xavier Benavides, and Pattie Maes
SmileTracker | Natasha Jaques

Cutting Edge Vision: Metal Embedded Optics for Smart Knives | Zoran, Amit, Nan-Wei Gong, Roy Shilkrot, Shuo Yan and Pattie Maes
Remnance of Form: Interactive Narratives with Augmented Shadows | Sang-won Leigh, Asta Roseway, and Ann Paradiso
TagMe: An Easy-to-Use Toolkit for Turning the Personal Environment into an Extended Communications Interface | Judith Amores, Xavier Benavides, Pattie Maes
TakeTwo: Using Google Glass for Augmented Memory | Scott W. Greenwald, Christian D. Vazquez, Pattie Maes
TRANSFORM as Adaptive and Dynamic Furniture | Luke Vink, Viirj Kan, Ken Nakagaki, Daniel Leithinger, Sean Follmer, Philipp Schoessler, Amit Zoran and Hiroshi Ishii

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