Media Lab @ CHI 2016

Saturday — Thursday
May 7, 2016 —
May 12, 2016


CHI 2016


CHI 2016 (May 7-12) will have a robust Media Lab presence.
More details are available via the CHI 2016 program.

The Lab's Tangible Media group has five papers accepted to the conference. Authors include Tangible Media group head Professor Hiroshi Ishii; Tangible Media students Xiao Xiao, Wen Wang, Lining Yao, Jifei Ou, Ken Nakagaki, and Luke Vink; Tangible Media UROP Jared Counts and former UROP Daniel Windham; Tangible Media alumni Sean Follmer, Felix Heibeck, and Daniel Leithinger; and project collaborator Gershon Dublon (Responsive Environments).

Pattie Maes (Fluid Interfaces head), Rosalind Picard (Affective Computing head), and Karthik Dinakar will co-host the conference’s first Computing and Mental Health workshop, with Rafael A. Calvo of the University of Sydney. Professor Picard will also present “SNAPSHOT Expose: Stage Based and Social Theory Based Applications to Reduce Stress and Improve Wellbeing” with Sara Taylor and Akane Sano (Affective Computing), and former Labber Miriam Zisook. 

Professor Maes and Sang-won Leigh’s (Fluid Interfaces) paper, “Body Integrated Programmable Joints Interface,” received a CHI 2016 Best Paper Honorable Mention.

Labbers Catherine D’Ignazio, Alexis Hope, and Civic Media head Ethan Zuckerman’s paper, “A Feminist HCI Approach to Designing Postpartum Technologies: ‘When I first saw a breast pump I was wondering if it was a joke,’" discussing the 2014 “Make the Breast Pump Not Suck” hackathon, was accepted to the conference.

Katia Vega (Responsive Environments) will demo Chromoskin.

Judith Amores (Fluid Interfaces) will present PsychicVR.

Nathan Matias (Civic Media) will present "Going Dark: Social Factors in Collective Action Against Platform Operators in the Reddit Blackout," and "Skill Progression in Scratch Revisited," cowritten with Sayamindu Dasgupta (Lifelong Kindergarten), and alum Benjamin Mako Hill (University of Washington). He will also co-host a Christians at CHI Meetup at 10am on Monday, 5/9.

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