Media Lab metaverse panel


Copyright 2020 Everett Lawson

Everett Lawson

December 8, 2021
3:00pm — 4:00pm ET

The realization of a metaverse—the convergence of augmented reality, virtual reality, and other digital technologies with physical reality—has the ability to radically change the way we connect, perceive, and experience the world around us. What might this future of "presence" look like? How could this technology disrupt and enhance everything from space exploration to building infrastructure? Join us as we discuss and explore what the future of a metaverse might create.

On December 8, we will livestream a discussion around these questions, moderated by Media Lab alum Mary Lou Jepsen and including Media Lab faculty, alumni, and representatives from member companies. A link to the public livestream will be posted on this page before the event.




Member companies and the Media Lab community are encouraged to join us in Spatial, the virtual platform in which the discussion will take place. Pre-registration is required! If you do not see the registration below, please make sure you are signed into your member portal account or your Media Lab account.

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