Open Ocean Seminar: Dr. Annie Brett

Uriel via unsplash

December 7, 2020
1:30pm — 2:30pm ET

Revolutionizing Ocean Data

More data were collected on the oceans in 2018 alone than in the entire twentieth century. This represents a fundamental shift for ocean management, which historically has been undermined by a lack of data on oceans and the human activities that take place on them. New technologies are raising hopes that we can shed light on these previously intractable ocean management problems. Despite the promise of new data collection methods, ocean data management remains siloed and parochial, undermining attempts to use new ocean data to address ocean threats. Without fundamental changes to ocean data infrastructure, the potential for technology to advance ocean management is limited. This seminar surveys this landscape and identifies potential paths forward.

Annie Brett, JD, PhD is an Assistant Professor at University of Florida’s Levin School of Law. Her scholarship focuses on how scientific data is used in environmental decision-making, including data collected using emerging methods and technologies. In addition to legal venues, Professor Brett has published in leading scientific outlets, including Nature, and presented in national and international policy forums.

Prior to joining the University of Florida Levin College of Law, Professor Brett worked on international ocean policy for Stanford University and the World Economic Forum. She is an accomplished mariner, recognized as the youngest female vessel captain to operate in the Pacific, and continues to participate in scientific and legal expeditions globally.

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