Open Ocean Seminar: Laura Perovich

Neil Gaikwad 

May 30, 2019
5:30pm — 7:00pm ET

Laura Perovich, Object-Based Media, presented her work on SeeBoat: In situ Water Quality Displays for Communities.

Laura Perovich is a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab using art and technology to engage communities with environmental issues. She is currently focused on community-based projects around water quality, including (1) projects using data physicalizations to represent water quality violations from local oil storage facilities, (2) projects building tools to visualize water quality data on site and in real time, and (3) projects to bring people into public blue green spaces to create art together. These projects also consider the social role of data and the ways in which measuring can become a mechanism for intervention. Laura participates in the human-computer interaction and data physicalization communities and her work has been shown in the MIT Wiesner Gallery and Gallery 344.

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