Open Ocean Seminar: Sheena Talma

November 9, 2020
1:30pm — 2:30pm ET

Co-producing Science from a Seychelles Perspective

The Aldabra Clean Up Project and Nekton Mission: First Descent in Seychelles were research programs that were intentional and explicit in their effort to establish an equal partnership between the local government and scientists with the UK scientists and research foundations. Sheena Talma will recount her roles within the organizing teams of the Aldabra Clean Up Project and Nekton Mission: First Descent.  She will focus on the expeditions and the science conducted during these programs and why co-production and partnerships are important, especially in the context of large ocean states within Africa.

Sheena Talma is a conservationist and the Science Program Manager of Nekton Foundation, a charity focused on equitable science research between 0-300 meters. A marine biologist from Seychelles, she specializes in fisheries and ichthyology. She has worked for the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change in Seychelles on environmental sustainability initiatives. Talma has a passion for generating science within the Seychelles and the Indian Ocean.  She is especially interested in education and awareness-raising programs that will garner a new generation of marine scientists and enthusiasts.  

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