Open Ocean Seminar: Veta Wade

NOAA via unsplash

November 23, 2020
1:30pm — 2:30pm ET

Building Local Capacity and Capability for an Equitable Blue Economy

How does a small island nation continue to develop and innovate, yet maintain community well-being and climate resilience at the core of each project?  Ms. Veta N. Wade, Director of AQUA Montserrat and Founder Fish ‘N Fins Inc. will speak from her experience as a blue economy consultant and award-winning ocean advocate in the Caribbean. 

Veta Wade is an award-winning Caribbean based ocean advocate, recognized by the Ocean Awards 2020 as a leader on marine conservation issues within the Caribbean through her non-profit organization,  Fish ‘n Fins Inc. Fish 'N Fins was founded and is directed by Veta Wade, to empower and unite Caribbean youth in creating and sharing solutions that will safeguard the future of 'our ocean', grow our blue economy, and build climate resilience.

Veta is an independent blue economy consultant. Her work supports the design and implementation of projects that place innovation, community well-being, and climate resilience at their core. She is also an advocate for a diverse and inclusive blue economy.   Veta is also the founder and CEO of AQUA Caribbean Blue Economy Conference, which aims to engage the global community in a conversation of how the Caribbean can minimize their financial vulnerability by better understanding the value and opportunities of ocean conservation, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Find her @vetawade on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

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