O'Reilly Solid Conference 2015

Tuesday — Thursday
June 23, 2015 —
June 25, 2015


San Francisco, CA


Hardware, software, sensors, and physical things are coming together in uncharted waters. To succeed, you’ll need to build teams that cross disciplines in ways never before attempted. Envision new business models. And recognize the “crazy” ideas that are now entirely possible.
Joi Ito (Director, Media Lab): Co-Chair of Solid with Jon Bruner; Keynote speaker
6/23, 9:00am | Charles Fracchia (student, Molecular Machines): Bio Track
6/23, 1:30pm | Pip Mothersill (student, Object-Based Media): Communicating through the language of design
6/24, 9:40am | Gabriella Gomez-Mont (incoming Director’s Fellow): The (im)possible megalopolis
6/24, 10:30am | David Cranor (alum): Keynote
6/24, 11:05am | David Rose (instructor): From ordinary to enchanted: Designing embedded objects
6/24, 11:20am | Joe Jacobson (faculty): Building a fab for synthetic biology
6/24, 2:05pm | noah feehan (alum): Semantic listening: Experiments in capturing context, not content
6/24, 2:55pm | Connor Dickie (former student): Assembling custom DNA anytime, anywhere
6/24, 4:35pm | Andy Cavatorta (alum): Music, machines and meaning: What art teaches us about robotics and networks
6/24, 1:15pm | Marcelo Coelho (alum): Many-to-Many: Designing crowd interactions
6/25, 2:05pm | Kelly Dobson (alum): Essential self technologies: Body-based wellness machines
6/25, 2:05pm | Valentin Heun (student, Fluid Interfaces): The physical world as interface to the digital world
6/24, 12:00pm | Megan Smith (alum): Keynote
6/25, 9:40am | David Sun Kong (alum): Street bio: Synthetic biology meets community
6/25, 2:05 | Linda Stone (advisory council): Essential self technologies: Body-based wellness machines
6/25, 2:55pm | Arthur Petron (student, Biomechatronics): We suck at attaching objects to people
6/25, 5:25pm | Cory Kidd (alum): AI + psychology + robots = patient engagement

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