Thursday — Saturday
October 20, 2022 —
October 22, 2022

Meet entrepreneurs, academic and industry leaders, artists and designers who have moved from ideating to delivering and deploying the future of olfaction technologies

Keynotes by: Prof. Bob Langer, Prof. Joe Paradiso, Dr. Claire Guest, Prof. Pattie Maes, Prof. Manolis Kellis

Also featuring a Moot Court Competition.

Osmocosm is the first decentralized annual tech olfaction conference. The subject will be the opportunities presented by the new natural scent detecting technology revolution with known and as yet unknown capabilities to change our world. 

During the Ideathon, participants will be invited to speculate, ask questions, and produce experimental artwork; whatever direction they wish to take. The goal of this joint exploration will be to understand and evaluate olfaction tools at the intersection of the next generation technology trends of AI, blockchain, and precision medicine.

In advance of the conference, artists, designers, and scientists are invited to join the Scent Ideathon, which will happen asynchronously. Ideas and works created during Ideathon will be displayed on the Osmocosm website; some will be selected for inclusion during the conference in October.

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