Thinking about Thinking about Seymour


Marie Cosindas 1985

Marie Cosindas

January 26, 2017
10:00am — 5:00pm ET

"You can't think about thinking without thinking about thinking about something."- Seymour Papert

Thinking about Thinking about Seymour, a day-long symposium at the MIT Media Lab, will celebrate the ideas and research of Seymour Papert, pioneer of Constructionist learning, whose thinking and projects profoundly influenced and inspired generations of children, educators, and researchers around the world.

A world-renowned mathematician, learning theorist, and educational-technology visionary, Seymour Papert delighted in his interactions with children of all ages and from all walks of life. He was among the first to understand the revolutionary potential of computers in children’s learning, recognizing that computers could be used not just to deliver information and instruction, but also to empower children to experiment, explore, and express themselves.

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Ira Flatow, moderator

10:00 Welcome Joi Ito, Artemis Papert
10:15   Rethinking Media Nicholas Negroponte
10:45  Rethinking Learning Mitch Resnick
11:00   Rethinking Making Dale Dougherty, Brian Silverman, Gary Stager, Karen Wilkinson
11:30   Break
12:00  Rethinking Objects Sherry Turkle
12:15    Rethinking Laptops Senator Angus King
12:30  Rethinking School Idit Harel, Tod Machover, Rena Upitis, Paulo Blikstein
1:00     Lunch
2:30    Rethinking Ideas Alan Kay
2:45    Rethinking Math Hal Abelson, Celia Hoyles, Richard Noss, Uri Wilensky
3:15     A Conversation with Suzanne Massie Papert
3:30   Break
4:00   Rethinking Thinking Danny Hillis
4:15     Rethinking the World David Cavallo, Clotilde Fonseca, Bob Massie, Fatimata Sylla, Jacqueline Karaaslanian
4:45   Rethinking Play Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen

Edith Ackermann, a former Media Lab faculty member who worked closely with Seymour, was slated to participate in the Rethinking School panel. Sadly, Edith passed away on December 24. She will be greatly missed.


If you have any questions about the event, please email papertevent@media.mit.edu

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