Rosalind Picard @ Notre Dame

October 6, 2016


Notre Dame College


Years ago, Rosalind Picard and her students began to design, build, and test both wearable and other sensors for recognizing emotion. They designed studies, gathered data, and developed signal processing and machine learning techniques to see what could be reliably extracted and what insights could be obtained—especially studying stress. In this talk Professor Picard will highlight several of the most surprising findings during this adventure. These include new insights about the “true smile of happiness,” discovering that regular cameras (and your smartphone, even in your handbag) can compute some of your biosignals, finding electrical signals on the wrist that give insight into deep brain activity, and learning surprising implications of wearable sensing for autism, anxiety, depression, sleep, memory consolidation, epilepsy, and more. She'll also describe her research group's next focus: how might these new capabilities help prevent the #1 disease burden in the future?

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