Thursday — Saturday
August 4, 2016 —
August 6, 2016


MIT Media Lab


The Scratch community keeps growing and growing. Young people around the world have shared more than 14 million projects in the Scratch online community—with 20,000 new projects every day.
But what excites us most is not the number of projects but the diversity of projects. Take a look at the Scratch website, and you’ll find an incredible variety of projects: musical animations, virtual tours, science simulations, interactive tutorials, and much more.
For us, this diversity of projects is an indication that members of the Scratch community are developing their own voices and identities through Scratch. They are learning to express themselves creatively, to build on their interests, and to share their ideas with others.
At this year’s Scratch@MIT conference, we’ll celebrate the many paths and many styles of Scratch, exploring the multiple ways that people can create, share, and learn with Scratch.
We are planning a very participatory conference, with lots of hands-on workshops and opportunities for collaboration and sharing. We hope you’ll join us. Let’s learn together!

Host/Chair: Lifelong Kindergarten

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