Secrets In Your Data: Screening and panel discussion


Courtesy of NOVA

Courtesy of NOVA

May 29, 2024
7:00pm — 9:00pm ET

Whether you’re on social media or surfing the web, you’re probably sharing more personal data than you realize. That can pose a risk to your privacy—even your safety. At the same time, big datasets could lead to huge advances in fields like medicine. In NOVA's Secrets in Your Data, host Alok Patel explores these issues on a quest to understand what happens to all the data we’re shedding and explores the latest efforts to maximize benefits—without compromising personal privacy.

NOVA's Secrets in Your Data premiered Wednesday, May 15 on PBS. Watch the video below; Professor Ramesh Raskar's segment begins at the 41 minute mark. 

On May 29, NOVA hosted a screening of selected clips from Secrets in Your Data paired with a panel discussion featuring experts from the film. Following the program, a catered reception was held in the atrium at GBH.

The panel for the evening included:

  • Alok Patel — Moderator, Host of Secrets in Your Data, Physician, ABC News Medical Contributor
  • Matt Mitchell — Founder of Crypto Harlem, Hacker
  • Ramesh Raskar — Associate Professor at the MIT Media Lab, Founder of the PathCheck Foundation
  • Hayley Tsukayama — Associate Director of Legislative Activism, Electronic Frontier Foundation
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