Space Exploration Initiative Showcase


Space Exploration Initiative

Jimmy Day

Prototyping our sci-fi space future

Come and see projects from our Zero G Flight, Blue Origin Suborbital Launch, upcoming ISS Mission, and more! 

Each year, after the Space Exploration Initiative's zero gravity flight, we host a research-results oriented symposium. This year, we are combining the 2019 summer flight results with our Blue Origin suborbital rocket launch, TRISH-SEI funded space health projects, and upcoming ISS science and art payloads for a demo showcase, poster session, and reception. We would be delighted to share this work with you and hope that you may be able to join us on November 7, 4-7pm (open house, at your leisure) in the Media Lab's 3rd floor atrium.

Learn more about the MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative: explore-space.media.mit.edu 

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