Sponsor Workshop: Extending the Media Lab Experience

October 15, 2009


MIT Media Lab, Room TBA


As the Media Lab extends into the new building, we are taking the opportunity to exploit the unique opportunity to envision and to implement new styles of interaction, learning, and collaboration. The Viral Communications group has been exploring how a rich communications infrastructure can support new forms of interaction for all of the Media Lab's participants and friends—enhancing the experience of visitors, sponsors, guests, and members of the Lab. The new building, which is physically much more transparent and collaborative, provides a platform for mobile and remote support for ongoing collaboration in novel ways. We are centering our focus on technologies that create context and awareness around our unique Media Lab style, enhancing the experience of guests, visitors, and sponsors. The Lab has been supported by a core set of sponsors on this project. In the workshop we will present our progress, and invite sponsors to engage with us in further collaboration.

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