Sponsor Workshop: Sourcemap—Open Supply Chains

October 15, 2009


MIT Media Lab, Room TBA


Have you ever wondered where the products you buy are coming from, and what they're made of? More and more people are—and supply-chain traceability is a growing concern with government, the pharmaceutical industry, and major food producers, all of whom are already investing in new a infrastructure to ensure safe and sustainable sourcing. At the same time, social networks are making it possible to engage the general public with complex data and sophisticated Web-based tools to provide them with important information to aid them in their decision-making. Sourcemap is an open supply chain social network targeted at migrating sourcing information to the cloud, and providing enterprises with new ways to foster trust and transparency with clients and suppliers. We'll look at how open supply chains can help various industries, and what potential new business opportunities present themselves when informed sourcing takes place. More at http://sourcemap.org.

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