Technology + Fashion: Projects for Tomorrow and Today

June 8, 2016


Boston Museum of Fine Arts


Sputniko!, artist, designer, assistant professor at MIT Media Lab
Katia Vega, Nan Zhao, Cindy Kao, Xin Liu, and Viirg Kan, members of the techstyle ML group at the MIT Media Lab
Immerse yourself in the gorgeous LED-lit, haptic feedback-enabled, and digitally printed projects of contemporary fashion. First, hear an overview of the current directions in technology and fashion by Sputniko!, whose recent work includes Amy’s Glowing Silk and The Moonwalk Machine. Then, moderated by Sputniko!, hear from the Media Lab’s techstyle ML students, who reveal the future of fashion design with innovative projects including conductive makeup and tattoos, on-skin and nail interfaces, wearable lighting, and social textiles.

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