Dr. Katy Croff Bell speaks at TEKTITE2020: Women of Sea and Space

Friday — Saturday
July 17, 2020 —
July 18, 2020

50th Anniversary Event for Tektite II Mission 6

Tektite2020 is a mix of live central-stage presentations with Sea Space professionals and artists from around the globe. On July 17–18, 2020 your host Dr. Sarah Jane Pell, with co-hosts Dr. Tierney Thys and Joe Grabowski, pay special tribute to the Tektite II Mission 6 all-women Aquanaut crew. Web content includes a Keynote panel with the original Aquanauts, reporting on the State of the Art in Sea Space exploration, hearing the calls for action, and discussing recommendations for the next 50 years. Attendees share in knowledge, new perspectives, and tools to transform the ocean world for a better future!

Katy Croff Bell, director of the Media Lab's Open Ocean Initiative, will be speaking at 9:10am ET on Saturday the 18th during Session 6: Tactical Conservation, along with fellow keynote panelists  Barbara Block (marine scientist) and Leila Takayama (human-robotic researcher).

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