Anna Blom: The Future of Fashion


This special guest lecture, hosted by Biomechatronics head Hugh Herr, is free and open to the public. 

Fashion doesn't only leave sensory imprints—it often leaves dirty footprints. Nowadays, preventing waste and reducing toxic by-products are top priorities for fashion companies that want to remain successful. In this talk, Anna Blom will share personal stories of inspiring people who are changing the industry from the inside, one jumper at a time—and who will change how you view fashion forever. Their vision is a world in which everyone in the fashion supply chain thrives in harmony with our planet. So forget everything you've learned about fashion and fashion consumption in the past. It's time for a new way of thinking about clothes. Get started and find inspiration in the individuals and ideas of this talk. 

About Anna Blom
Anna Blom is a Swedish fashion journalist with 13 years of experience in the Swedish and international fashion industries. She has written hundreds of fashion stories for both newspapers and fashion magazines and been a guest on Swedish national TV speaking about fashion trends.

Anna lived in New York for a while, but moved back to Sweden when she was headhunted by an international beauty company. As global head of editorial at Oriflame, she led a team that built a beauty site with a strong editorial focus.

In 2014, Anna left the company to go back to fashion and freelancing. She then joined a project working as international fashion director at Scandinavia’s biggest fashion site, The You Way.

Today she freelances for various publications and brands, such as IKEA and Sweden's second biggest newspaper Göteborgs-Posten and their weekend supplement Två Dagar. She also writes for Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet and their weekend supplement Perfect Guide. Anna's work has been featured in Vogue India and Sweden’s biggest fashion magazine, Damernas Värld

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