Wearable Lab at London Design Festival: Biodesign Here Now 2019


Fluid Interfaces

Fluid Interfaces

Thursday — Saturday
September 19, 2019 —
September 21, 2019
10:00am — 8:00pm ET



‍The event for Biodesign, the future of materials, manufacturing, architecture, and fashion. This exhibition will give a first taste of  the field of Biodesign. From sustainable pollination to grown fashion to personal medicines, we are showcasing emerging international designers and startups with cutting edge ideas that will shape our futures. Projects that break the boundaries between biology, design, and technology. The exhibition is curated and organized by Open Cell, the first public research center for consumer-facing biotechnology and biodesigners. The Open Cell campus hosts 70 shipping containers converted into pop-up biotechnology labs and workspaces. 

Talk: Biological Cyborg, Wearable Biotech, and the Future of Human-Machine Symbiosis

September 20, 2019 at 4pm | https://www.opencell.bio/biodesign-here-now-programme

Speakers: Pat Pataranutaporn, Abhinandan Jain, and Pattie Maes

Over the past decade, computers have evolved to have more intimate relationships with people. Humans are on the verge of becoming cyborgs having part of themselves physically and cognitively augmented through digital devices that put computation and information at our fingertips. With recent advancements in synthetic biology and biotechnology, we can now program a living cell as a “biological computer” that can receive input, compute, and respond. This process allows humans to design new metabolisms and augment our body purely with biological redesign. On the other hand, researchers have also integrated biological and digital systems to create hybrid devices. The emergence of the bio-digital allows us to tap into our deeper biological information beyond conventional sensing capability. The range of research from synthetic biology to bio-digital augmentation show a spectrum of biodesign that would challenge the traditional view of human-machine symbiosis, expanding the definition of cyborg, and potentially impact the way we live our lives in the future. The talk will speculate and explore the vision of bio-digital technology on the body through a series of research projects from MIT Media Lab and beyond. 

Project Credit

  • Pat Pataranutaporn, Fluid Interfaces
  • Abhinandan Jain, Fluid Interfaces
  • Casey M. Johnson, MIT Mechanical Engineering
  • Pratik Shah, Health 0.0
  • Pattie Maes, Fluid Interfaces
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