Reimagining human cooperation in the age of social media and artificial intelligence


Iyad Rahwan

Iyad Rahwan

What We're Looking For:

We are looking for students with a foundation in a technical or quantitative area, such as computer science, applied math, physics, economics, statistics, cognitive science, or social psychology. Students should also have knowledge and/or interest in areas such as complexity science, social networks, artificial intelligence, game theory, evolutionary biology, political science and/or behavioral economics. The best candidates will have clearly demonstrated skills in one or more of the following: data science, machine learning, information visualization, behavioral experiments, system implementation, or mathematical modeling.

Here are examples of the methods we use:

  • Building and deploying large-scale systems to facilitate new forms of cooperation, building on techniques from crowdsourcing, human computation, machine learning and artificial intelligence;
  • Using techniques from data science, statistics, and machine learning to analyze big data sets from online news, social media, sensors, phones, or our own deployed systems;
  • Designing and running online or lab-based behavioral experiments to explore social behavior;
  • Using mathematical, statistical and simulation modeling to produce deep insights into social phenomena;
  • Developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems capable of ethical decision-making.

Exceptional students that do not match this description exactly will also be considered.

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