Space Exploration Initiative

NASA, ESA, H. Teplitz and M. Rafelski (IPAC/Caltech), A. Koekemoer (STScI), R. Windhorst (Arizona State University), and Z. Levay (STScI)

Open positions: 

Staff Engineer

The MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative is seeking to hire a part-time staff engineer to support CAD modelling, mechanical system design and analysis, EE design (schematics to PCB fab, code development/embedded systems, and testing), and early stage prototyping/manufacturing for several Space Exploration Initiative research projects. Aerospace background preferred, as the engineering specs will center on sub-orbital and orbital deployment contexts (e.g., CubeSat subsystem development, interior-ISS technologies, etc.).

The staff engineer will have an opportunity to contribute to many projects within our portfolio, with a focus on rigorous prototyping and early stage manufacturing of futuristic space technologies. Projects developed through this position will be actively deployed in microgravity and Low Earth Orbit via parabolic flights, sub-orbital launches, and prospective ISS experiments.

We are currently anticipating an average of 15-20 hrs/week through January, with continuation options through May 2019. Ability to work in-person at the MIT Media Lab two days a week is preferred, though remote work can be considered. The role is currently evolving and may include opportunities with other departments at MIT as well, to raise the hours to full-time if desired. If interested, please email with “Staff Engineer submission” in the subject line. Include a resume (focus on technical skills and past engineering experience) and a short project portfolio if possible (PDF or link to a website). 

Required skills:

  • Solidworks (modelling-required, FEA-preferred)
  • Machine Shop experience (3D printing, laser cutter, water jet, mill)
  • Eagle or Altium
  • Arduino, RPi and embedded systems programming

Outreach Coordinator

The MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative is seeking an Outreach Coordinator to support several ongoing STEAM education and engagement programs, including our capstone effort: Climate CubeSat Co-building (C3), an effort to share the full experience of spacecraft design and launch with high school students across the globe. Responsibilities will include running hands-on curriculum and lecture sessions with local students (primarily middle school and high school), developing "instructables"-style content with the assistance of subject-matter experts, interfacing with a network of public libraries and maker spaces to scale programming locally and nationally, managing an online forum community and learning-resource repository, and designing new STEAM engagement opportunities across the Space Exploration Initiative’s research portfolio. The role will include an opportunity to engage extensively with MIT Media Lab researchers, key philanthropic donors, and work with a growing team that is actively prototyping our sci-fi space future. A philosophy of “democratizing access to space exploration technology” will guide the work in this role. Technical background preferred (to be able to track with space exploration technology design and deployment constraints), and prior volunteering or experience leading youth STEM/STEAM programs expected. The Outreach Coordinator is a part-time position, estimated at 10-15 hours/week initially, with an option to pursue full-time employment in this role in the near future.

Please email if interested, and include a resume. 

Part of the MIT/Cambridge research community and looking to get engaged? 

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