People and intelligent machines in a creative, symbiotic loop


Viral Communications

Viral Communications

Viral Communications is about facilitating discourse between real people in real places. It’s about technologies of connection–networks and computing that enhance the dialogue between people, both locally and at a distance. It’s about both interactions and transactions. It’s about making a future where a mobile device enhances our experience of intellectual and physical space. For the immediate future, our work focuses on the experience of visual media, both entertainment narrative and news. We are building systems that transform us from being ignorant, past idiots to becoming informed. This entails fixed and mobile networks that allow browsing, interaction, exploration, distribution and creation of visual bits of all sorts. We create applications and analysis engines for media, and we are driven by social and data-driven interconnections.

What We're Looking For:

Students interesting in joining in our exploration of the theory of such nets, and who are are capable of building demonstrations constructed with tiny as well as large-scale computing.

Learn about applying through the Program in Media Arts & Sciences.