Andrew Heyward

Visiting Scholar
  • MIT Center for Constructive Communication

Andrew Heyward

Senior Advisor, MIT Center for Constructive Communication

Andrew Heyward is a nationally known news executive, award-winning broadcast news producer, and expert on the changing media landscape. .

Heyward currently advises local TV stations on digital strategy. He is also a Research Professor at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, where he recently completed a 3½ year project writing about innovation in local television news. He is now working on a new initiative developing guidelines to promote fair and accurate journalism in the “post-objectivity” newsroom.

Heyward was President, CBS News, from January 1996-November 2005. Before that, he was executive producer of The CBS Evening News, developed the weekly primetime program 48 Hours, and held other positions at CBS News and in local newsrooms.

Heyward is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard with a degree in History and Literature.