Past Member

Anshuman Das

Former Postdoctoral Associate
  • Camera Culture

I am Anshuman, a Research Scientist at Camera Culture. I am a physicist with expertise in optics, imaging and materials science. At the Media Lab I have been involved with several projects from low-cost medical devices to food sensing and 3D imaging in paleontology.  I love sensors+computation and am always driven to bring concepts and ideas into real-life prototypes and products.

Here are a few projects I am working on;

 EarID: A sub-surface and 3D imaging otoscope device for computational middle ear imaging. EarID has won several awards including MGH CoCreate Prize, HITLAB World Cup Prize, CVPR Venture Pitch, and finalist at MIT 100k Accelerate, Sheikh Zayed Pediatric Innovation Prize, SPIE Startup Prize. 

• Throat Imaging: A hand-held portable oral camera with 3D imaging capability to reconstruct the anatomy of the oropharynx in tonsillar hypertrophy where the tonsils get enlarged and can lead to increased airway resistance.

• Skinspect: A highly sensitive mobile phone based spectrometer that has potential to detect cancerous skin lesions in a rapid, non-invasive manner.

• Aurito: Smartphone based middle ear and dental endoscopic imaging device.

• Dermato: Low-cost smartphone dermatoscopy clip-on for dermatological screening.

• WiSci: A smartphone based wireless spectroscopic sensor that can detect fruit ripeness. This work was featured in Scientific American, IEEE Spectrum, LA Times among several international media outlets. Invited speaker at Pittcon 2016. Open-sourced the design on Published work in Nature Scientific Reports.

• 3D scanning of large paleontological specimens using Kinect: A collaborative study with the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago