Angela Vujic

Research Assistant
  • Fluid Interfaces

Angela Vujic is a PHD researcher at the MIT Media Lab. She works at the intersection of computer science, neuroscience and design to develop biosensing technology for mental and emotional health.

Motivated by discoveries linking gut health to mental health, Angela sought to start a new area in her field coined gut-brain computer interfacing (GBCI). She developed and tested a GBCI that could enable individuals to sense and modulate their gut state, with the goal of connecting it to their mental wellbeing.

Previously, she completed her bachelor’s in computer science at Georgia Tech and was part of the GT BrainLab. She invented MoodLens, a novel fiber optic display integrated in EEG glasses, built to help individuals with severe paralysis express emotion via eye contact.

Angela is a NSF GRFP fellow. She has presented internationally, first-authored prestigious peer-reviewed publications, and won multiple awards for her work.