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Christoph Bader

Former Research Assistant

FIBERBOTS: an autonomous swarm-based robotic system for digital fabrication of fiber-based composites

Markus Kayser, Levi Cai, Sara Falcone, Christoph Bader, Nassia Inglessis, Barrak Darweesh, and Neri Oxman, Constr Robot (2018) 2: 67.


Parametric Chemistry: Reverse-engineering Biomaterial Composite Structures for Robotic Manufacturing of Bio-Cement Structures across Scales

Duro-Royo, J., Van Zak, J., Tai, Y.J., Ling, A.S. and Oxman, N., 2017. Parametric chemistry reverse engineering biomaterial composites for additive manufacturing of bio-cement structures across scales. In Challenges for Technology Innovation (Vol. 217, No. 223, pp. 217-223).


Data Driven Material Modeling for 3D-Printing of Materially Heterogeneous Objects

Christoph Bader, Dominik Kolb, James Weaver, Neri Oxman


Grown, Printed, and Biologically Augmented: An Additively Manufactured Microfluidic Wearable

Christoph Bader, William G. Patrick, Dominik Kolb, Stephanie G. Hays, Steven Keating, Sunanda Sharma, Daniel Dikovsky, Boris Belocon, James C. Weaver, Pamela A. Silver, Neri Oxman


Translational Design Computation

Christoph Bader. Thesis: S.M., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Planning, Program in Media Arts and Sciences, 2017