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Benjamin Waber

Former Visiting Scientist; Former Research Assistant, Human Dynamics
  • Visiting Appointments
  • Tangible Media

 PhD 2011
Co-Founder and CEO, Humanyze

Along with fellow grad students Daniel Olguin and Taemie Kim, Ben founded Humanyze right after graduation.  Based off their research at the Lab, they provide people analytics intelligence as a service to Fortune 500 companies to solve specific business problems, such as diversity and inclusion, workload assessment, workplace planning, risk, and collaboration and delivery.  Ben also wrote the book People Analytics, which has become an international bestseller.

How did your experience at the Lab influence your next step?

At the Lab we not only built the groundwork for our company, but we also learned how to communicate with business leaders about topics that they don't necessarily care about beforehand.  Those skills, were invaluable, as well as the connections we were able to make with member companies who eventually became our customers.

Take advantage of opportunities to demo and meet with member companies.  That will give you an outside perspective on your research and help you ask better questions, as well as train you to explain your research effectively to the broader world.