Past Member

Cameron Taylor

Research Scientist
  • Biomechatronics

Dr. Cameron Taylor is the project lead for the magnetomicrometry project at the K. Lisa Yang Center for Bionics. During his doctorate at MIT, he worked with Dr. Hugh Herr to develop magnetomicrometry, a clinically-viable technology for real-time muscle fascicle state tracking. Dr. Taylor's interdisciplinary expertise in neural interfacing, electromagnetics, and algorithm development has allowed him to work with a diverse set of collaborators on projects ranging from radar sensing on the international space station, to transverse flux motor optimization, to sensor fusion for low-time-delay magnetic bead tracking. His long-term commitment to research is to restore human ability — in particular, by alleviating movement disabilities associated with amputation, muscle weakness, and neural damage or disease. 

See here for a full list of Dr. Taylor's publications.