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Ermal Dreshaj

Former Research Assistant

Holosuite: an exploration into interactive holographic telepresence

Dreshaj, E. "Holosuite: an exploration into interactive holographic telepresence"


Computation of Fresnel holograms and diffraction-specific coherent panoramagrams for full-color holographic displays based on anisotropic leaky-mode modulators

Sunny Jolly, E. Dreshaj, V. Michael Bove, Jr.


clayodor: Retrieving Scents through the Manipulation of Malleable Material

Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao, Ermal Dreshaj, Judith Amores, Sang-won Leigh, Xavier Benavides, Pattie Maes, Ken Perlin, Hiroshi Ishii


LIMBO: Reprogramming and Augmenting Muscle Activities using Electrical Stimulation." Intl. Conf. Human Factors in Computing (CHI 2014), Workshop paper in "Workshop on Assistive Augmentation

Sang-won Leigh, Ermal Dreshaj, Artem Dementyev, Pattie Maes, V. Michael Bove