Ayse Guvenilir

Research Assistant
  • Biomechatronics

Ayse (pronounced "eye-shepard" without the "pard") received her B.S. in biological engineering with a minor in creative writing from MIT in May 2020.  She was a master's student in the Media Arts and Sciences program and a research assistant in the Biomechatronics Group. Ayse received her M.S. in Media Arts & Sciences in 2023. 

During her undergraduate career, Ayse pursued  research in fiber neural probes for ASD research, 3D tissue culture with chondrocyte cells for patients with microtia,  recruitment order of auditory nerve fibers with a computational auditory nerve model, and health economics & outcomes research.

Within the Biomechatronics Group, Ayse focused on studying muscle-reflexes of gait movement through in vivo data collected via skin port and sensors in rodents. After graduating with her M.S. from the Media Lab, Ayse went on to medical school.

Outside of course work, Beltway Editions published a poetry anthology of Ayse's work with 5 MIT alumnae in 2022. The book is titled: Our Ancestors Did Not Breathe This Air.