Past Member

Ishwarya Ananthabhotla

Former Research Assistant
  • Responsive Environments

Ishwarya is a doctoral candidate in the Responsive Environments group.  She is interested in problems at the intersection of audio signal processing and machine learning, such as intelligent audio compression, summarization, and manipulation.  As a part of her thesis work, she has been exploring ways to capitalize on principles of human perception, cognition, memory, and attention to re-think traditional paradigms for ubiquitous audio capture, representation, and retrieval.

Ishwarya graduated from MIT with an SB (2015) and M.Eng (2016) in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and has spent time interning at Spotify Research and Facebook Reality Labs over the course of her PhD. She was supported by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship from 2016-2019, and is currently supported by the 2020 Apple AI/ ML Fellowship. Outside the Lab, she is passionate about music and performance.