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Jack Reid

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Howdy! I am a doctoral student in the Space Enabled group here at the Media Lab, though I have been at MIT for a few prior joining the group. In June 2018, I completed a dual masters in AeroAstro and the Technology & Policy Program. My research focuses on the use of earth observation imagery for sustainable development, and, in that endeavor, I pull from systems engineering, complex systems, and the policies that relate to them. My undergraduate degrees were in mechanical engineering and philosophy, both at Texas A&M University.

Over the course of my time at MIT, I have been involved with science and graduate student policy through both MIT's Science Policy Initiative and the Graduate Student Council's External Affairs Board.  My spouse and I spent several years as Graduate Resident Advisors at one of MIT's independent living groups, pika, a place that is near and dear to my heart. Through these activities I have had the good fortune to interact with people from all over the MIT community and have been enjoying getting to know one of the most unique components of that community, the Media Lab, better.

If you want to hear what my voice sounds like, I suggest this episode of the Mapscaping Podcast where I talk about how earth observation satellites remain pointed at Earth. Links to a publications and project page are below.  My github page is (look under the starred tab for some of my project repositories).  A resume/cv is available here: