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Jennifer Groff

Former Research Assistant
  • Lifelong Kindergarten

Jennifer Groff, PhD is an educational researcher, designer, and engineer, whose work focuses on redesigning learning environments and education systems. She is the founder of Learning Futures Global, which supports organizations around the world to design and implement modern learning and their future-focused learning strategy. In 2020, she was the Innovation Fellow at WISE (Qatar Foundation) where she led the development of the WISE Innovation Hub—a platform helping learning environments and education systems to transform for our modern world. 

Previously, she was the Chief Learning Officer for Lumiar Education, a network of innovative schools, and co-founded the international NGO the Center for Curriculum Redesign, which helps ministries of education design and implement modern curriculum for skills and competencies. In 2009, Jen was named a Fulbright Scholar (UK) while serving as the Technology SME on the OECD Innovative Learning Environments project. She has spent much of her career doing leading-edge work at the MIT  Education Arcade on innovative pedagogies and game-based environments; she holds a Masters in Learning Sciences and Systems Innovation from Harvard University, and went on to earn her PhD from the MIT Media Lab. A former K-12 educator, Jennifer was named one of 12 Microsoft Innovative Teacher Leaders in 2005, and one of the Top 100 Influencers in Ed Tech (2017-18).