Joel Huegel

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  • Biomechatronics

A visiting professor from the Tecnologico de Monterrey in Guadalajara, Mexico, Joel Huegel, PhD, specializes in low-cost, highly functional lower limb prostheses to meet worldwide need.  His group is collaborating with Hugh Herr's Biomechatronics group at the Media Lab  to develop the next generation of lower limb prostheses and the dematerialized fabrication methods  required to bring the cost of prostheses down to world-wide affordability.  Over 10 million people worldwide require functional and comfortable prosthesis.  Of these, 500,000 are living  in Mexico.  Although part of the necessary solution, technology is not sufficient, thus Dr. Huegel is collaborating with a team of entrepreneurs, prosthetists, and therapists to democratize and deploy locally appropriate  solutions so that everyone who has an amputation can regain mobility independence.