Past Member

Justin Kinney

Former Research Affiliate

With over twenty years of combined neuroscience and engineering training, Kinney has worked on methods for the automated reconstruction of the anatomical structure of the brain from nanoscale-resolution images, as well as scalable neural recording technologies for obtaining high-speed electrical signals from sites distributed throughout the brain. Kinney designed and built a tool for performing closed-loop ultraprecise, automated craniotomies. Kinney was a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Sejnowski's lab before he joined as a postdoctoral associate the lab of Ed Boyden in the Media Lab at MIT. ( Georgia Institute of Technology, B.S. Mechanical Engineering ‘98 / Georgia Institute of Technology, M.S. Mechanical Engineering ‘99/ University of California- San Diego, Terrence Sejnowski Lab at Salk Institute, Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering ‘09).